We like to introduce our males, some of them could be able to use as stud dog if you have the right broadbitch and if you are the kind of breeder who take great responsibility and really loves the breed

It is a big thing to let males be used by some other breeders, and we have some things we want you to know:
Are you sure your broadbitch is what the breed needs to develop?
Are you sure you are able to take care of a litter?
Are you sure you know all the Kennel Club rules and all the veterinarian recommendations?
Are you sure you can find good home to the puppies?
Are you sure you could keep some?
What else could be your reason to have puppies, if you not are planning to keep one or two?

If you live in Sweden, are you sure your future puppybuyers will check the hips and go to MH description?

Well I'm sure that not everyone will, but I'm happy if some does!

During the years I've learned that it is very easy to let to many breeders use our stud dogs.

So now I like to think:
Would I like to have a puppy from that litter?
If the answear is "Yes!"
we would like you to come.

Remember, the litter is your responsibility, regarding to the broadbith quality, health  and care and so on.

I'm  responsible for my stud dogs health regarding eyes, hips, menthality and also need to make sure my dogs are good enough when it comes  to exterior and shows.

My part is also to try to check as much as possibly what progeny my males give regarding health, showresults and menthality.

If I do not think my male is good enough I don't want him in breeding terms at all, or maybe some could do very very good for the breed in some part, but not in another part, then we might have to give it a try.... We have to consider parents, brothers and sisters and so on.

To expect the father to "copy" all his good or bad things to his progeny is not to be done in reality.

Hope you enjoy the page and pictures.